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Cozy Up

Take a moment for you with CBD beverage infusions for balance, focus and sleep

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We Believe in Better

It's time we prove that self-care is health care. Join us in reclaiming health
, happiness
and connectivity
and challenging stress as the status quo.

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The Daily

Essential Blend for Body & Mind*
(259 reviews)

Bath Gem

Effervescent Mineral Soak for Relaxation & Recovery
(18 reviews)

R+R Cream

Advanced Recovery Rub for Soothing Comfort
(8 reviews)
Reason to Believe

The daily challenges of my life have become easier to deal with. I feel like I'm giving myself a warm hug every morning.

Sawyer S.

This is my second bottle and I am telling everyone to get it! This oil is a healthy luxury we owe ourselves!

Maria G.

Unbelievable. It actually works. I can not get over how amazing it feels.

Monica M.

Let’s face it, during the winter time my skin gets DRY. I used this cream and all I can say is WOW! I’m hooked!

Lauren L.

100% Clean.
0% Questionable.

No fillers. No fluff. Minimalist formulas with meaningful levels of active ingredients sourced from farmers and suppliers as committed to quality and sustainability as we are.

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"Lately, I've been swearing by Prima's Night Magic."

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"After sipping just one of these packets, it feels as though my brain & body have just taken a big, simultaneous exhale."

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"This powdery cube addresses both sore muscles and a stressed mind."

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