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Introducing our CBD beverage infusions for balance, focus and sleep

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The Go-To Elixir

CBD Powder Blend for Balance of Body & Mind*
(1 reviews)

Rest Easy Elixir

CBD Powder Blend for a Good Night’s Sleep*
(4 reviews)

Brain Fuel Elixir

CBD Powder Blend for Focus & Elevated Mood*
(3 reviews)

The Trifecta

Beverage Infusion Sample Pack for Morning, Noon & Night
(10 reviews)


SAVE $16
Prima's CBD Products: Hemp Oil, Skin Cream, & Supplement

Grounded & Glowing

Rebalance, inside and out

$171 value

(3 reviews)
Save $7
Reset & Recover

Reset & Recover

Soothe the body and the senses

$71 value

SAVE $18
Activate & Optimize

Activate & Optimize

Turn it on, tune it up — and feel 100

$203 value

SAVE $13
Calm, Cool & Collected

Calm, Cool & Collected

Bring much-needed chill to body and mind

$141 value


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