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Prima’s core values are more than just a set of ideals that guide our business operations; they’re the driving force behind the culture change we’re committed to making — personally, socially and environmentally.

No. 1

Disrupt the status quo.

We’re at a radical tipping point in history. We’ve inherited things so embedded in our culture that they seem unchangeable — but an awakening has begun. Our eyes are wide open and our hearts filled with courage as we position ourselves to both lead and inspire during this transformative time.

  • We will dismantle the Cult of Busy that’s causing poisonous levels of stress in our lives.
  • We will turn the tide on the epidemic of loneliness and isolated suffering in our society.
  • We will destigmatize and legitimize hemp – a plant with unimaginable potential.

At the heart of it, we believe the status quo is playing a part in the destruction of ourselves, our communities and our planet. And we’re here to disrupt it.

No. 2

Reclaim health, happiness, connectivity (and all that is good).

We believe every human being has a fundamental right to health, defined by the World Health Organization in 1946 as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy environment are all imperative for a sustainable future.

No. 3

Trust in nature.

We aren’t separate from nature. We are nature. We need to tear down the wall we’ve built between ourselves and nature and dismantle the “human superiority syndrome.” It’s time to re-align with ancient wisdom while driving forward with solid science. And yes, we can do both at once.

  • We will unlock the power of nature within ourselves, pursuing the science and empowerment of our own biological systems.
  • We will embrace the unknown and push for new clarity and new innovations. We’re constantly learning the complexities of this brilliant universe we’ve been born into. We’re comfortable with our ignorance and will use it as fuel for our fire to learn – from any collaborators we can find.
  • We will be humble to what nature can teach us. And open to every opportunity so that she can empower us to best protect her.

Hemp is our starting point — and thrillingly full of possibilities — but we deeply believe nature holds all the answers. We just need to listen and learn.

No. 4

Embrace self-care as a form of activism.

We believe that self care isn’t selfish – it’s at the very root of global well-being. A vital, daily action for igniting positive change. Consider the Chief Seattle quote: “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. All things are bound together. All things connect.” If your thread is weak, it weakens everything. You need to be your best.

  • We will actively promote self-care that restores our body’s natural, biological harmony by tapping into the endocannabinoid system, the body’s master regulatory system, and all of the body's natural systems for thriving.
  • We will work to kill the virus of stress and anxiety in our society and reignite humanity’s inherent goodness.
  • We will identify connections between care-of-self and care-of-planet because they are inextricably related.

It’s time to flip the script: ego is good when it’s used for good. Self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect and self-care are fuel for activism to make this world a better place.

No. 5

Be your truest, best self.

We’re all about pulling back the veils (and excuses) we use to buffer ourselves from life. We are our strongest and most transformational when we are our most authentic selves. This is living with integrity.

  • We will inspire everyone to be their truest self. To find their true North. Their guiding star. To Live it. Love it. Spread it.
  • We will promote integrity publicly as a call-to-action to be principled and kind.
  • We will conduct our business with the utmost integrity to create not only personal, social and environmental impact, but to raise the bar on how businesses can operate.

We’re not about creating unattainable goals. We want what’s real. Find your heart and live it in every moment you can. We will support you no matter where you are in your journey.

No. 6

Cultivate quality relationships.

Healthy relationships — with ourselves, others, and even nature — are a vital component of personal health and wellbeing. The importance of attending to our personal relationships and communities cannot be understated. There is a direct connection between the amount of joy and health we experience and the quality of relationships we possess.

  • We will urge people to confront their inner voices and create a positive self-dialogue. It’s out of our relationship with self that everything else is born.
  • We will advocate for nurturing the relationships we have with others and nature, finding our tribes and healing places, and acting as positive members of society.
  • We will function as a socially-enlightened community, not just a company, and foster healthy relationships with co-workers, collaborators and customers.

Relationships are the primary vehicle for growth and evolution — how you deepen and expand your experience of love, joy and meaning. In a time of historical loneliness and isolation, we need to pivot back to connections that help us and our communities thrive.

No. 7

Always, always, always choose to uprise.

For us, giving more to the world than you take is an imperative. And we believe that in every moment, doing better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It sometimes takes a little ingenuity. But, above all, it takes a willingness to try.

  • We will encourage people to be open to all they’re feeling, and to embrace humor, lightness and levity in good times and in bad.
  • We will promote living “we not me” — practicing gratitude, the sharing of joy, generosity, compassion, empathy, kindness and collaboration.
  • We will elevate in all we do. Betterment will be our business bottom line. (Learn more about that here.)

We are The Uplifters. We live prima.

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