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Menopause is manageable. It may not always be the sunniest stroll in the park, but at the end of the day, it’s one less thing to worry about. Yes, some changes may seem intimidating at first, but there are many ways to ease the journey.

We started Kindra with a seemingly simple mission: to empower people who experience the hormonal changes of menopause to care for their bodies—naturally, safely, and holistically. We know that no two bodies menopause the same, and believe in associating Kindra with solutions and support for women at this time in their lives - from products that provide relief, to the community for support, and experts to offer guidance. And that’s exactly what we’ve found in Prima: products, tools, and education to bring us all back to a better balance.

CBD is a remedy that many menopausal women are incorporating into their self-care regimen to manage the concerns that occur during this natural hormonal change. Prima is the gold standard for potent hemp and botanical-based products for wellness.


Bath Gem Testimonial

“I tried the Bath Gem as a recommendation from my daughter. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I use it.

I feel calm, quieter like the stress slips away and allows me to sleep better.

The way my skin feels after is a bonus!”

— Andrea R.
Post-Menopause | Kindra Customer


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