Chili Agua

The Magazine: Chili Agua

Prefer your sips on the spicy (and amazingly refreshing) side? This one, from our friend Annie Campbell, was tailor-made just for you. Featuring the delicious combo of cucumber, Serano chili, lime, agave syrup and soda water — plus a packet of our Instant Zen CBD powder — it's got warm-weather staple written all over it.

Cook Time

10 min.


1 serving


1 packet Prima Instant Zen

2 slices of cucumber, ¼ inch thick

3 thin slices of Serrano chili with seeds

juice of half of a lime

2 teaspoons agave syrup (equal parts agave and water

1 cup ice

½ cup of soda water


1. Empty the packet of Prima Instant Zen into a tall glass.

2. Add the cucumber, Serrano chili and muddle.

3. Add the lime juice, agave syrup, and bitters.

4. Stir until the Prima Instant Zen powder is fully dissolved.

5. Add the ice and soda water and stir. Enjoy!

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