How to Take CBD

The Magazine: How to Take CBD

Every body system is different, and there’s no amount of hemp extract that works for everyone. And because CBD efficacy is individualized for every person, a higher amount doesn’t always equate to a better result. We recommend starting low and going slow. Dedicate time to listen to your body and assess how the active compounds of the plant are affecting you, in small and big ways. And perhaps instead of focusing on what you feel, you might want to think about what you don’t (goodbye stress and worry!*) We find this exploration to be enjoyable and introspective, so have fun with it. Here, a few tips to get you started:

Understand your intentions with CBD

Intentions are everything: because there are so many potential use cases for CBD, it’s critical to understand your aims. What are you hoping to accomplish with CBD? How do you want to feel? Start by exploring within and setting your own intentions for your CBD journey. This will also help to inform what kind of product is right for you, depending on your individual needs.

Prime your body with a nutrient-dense meal and water

Whenever you’re using CBD, make sure you are well-fed and well-hydrated. It’s important that CBD is used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, including local and organic plant-based food and lots of water. CBD is not a magical panacea: it is one piece of intentional, health-conscious living.*

Choose a safe, efficacious and bioavailable product

Because the CBD industry is so new, we don’t yet have adequate safety standards and manufacturing protocols in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of all products on the market. Until extensive safety testing is a requirement, it’s important to choose products from brands that willingly test their products using independent laboratories and share these results with consumers.

Just as important, choose products that are bioavailable, meaning the CBD is formulated with other ingredients that optimize absorption into our bodies. If the CBD is infused in an oil like olive oil or fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil), we digest the product like a food and are only able to absorb a small percentage of CBD. Choose a softgel or topical that is optimized for bioavailability.

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Talk to your healthcare provider

As with any supplement, it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider or doctor about your intentions, as they know your medical history best and can understand any potential drug interactions.

Consume slowly and consistently

Because the results of CBD are individualized, there isn’t a “standard suggessted use.” It’s up to you to understand what initial amount is best for your body and individual needs, though a small amount of 5-10 mg (of a bioavailable product) is generally a good place to start. Try this dose either in the morning or at night, but note that for some people, CBD may cause slight drowsiness at certain levels.* Depending on how you feel after your first intake, you can work up to taking CBD twice a day if that supports your individual needs.

Be patient and check in with yourself daily

CBD is considered cumulative, meaning it’s important to consume a consistent amount regularly, ideally every day. It may take some time for your body to adjust to the CBD, so be patient and monitor how you feel, noting any subtle or dramatic changes to your mood, energy, sleep quality, and overall wellness. Some people find journaling helpful as a way to regularly check in and monitor progress. If you’re looking for more, consider increasing the amount you consume by 5-10 mg and see how you feel. Once you find the right amount that works for you, continue to monitor your results and evaluate your progress every few weeks.

Notice what you do and don’t feel

Because CBD is non-intoxicating, the physical effects may be subtle.* You may notice that you are experiencing more energy, less negative thoughts, better sleep, better moods, less stress or tension, or other subtle changes that may become more noticeable in time.* Notice the big and small changes and appreciate them all!

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