Editorial Style Guide

The Magazine: Editorial Style Guide

This is the lead paragraph & the style guide!

H2 - This is the Style Guide

H3 - We have a number of general font sizes to be used

H4 - Handling h4 headers

H5 - probably used least often
H6 - This font is automatically set in akzidenz

The body copy is set in a default studio style

  • I'm a friendly list of stuff
  • We love bullet points!
  • They're so kewl

Here's some italic text and some bold text too!

some body content can have footnotes that will show up at the bottom!


Block Quote

Larger quote modules will span outside of the native content

Image + Text Module

Test image caption

Bigger text moment with an image

Full Image Module

Image Caption

Recipe Card

Cook Time

45 min


2 people


12 wings
1 bottle of hot sauce


Put the food in the oven. Wait. Eat.



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