Top 4 Hemp Myths, Debunked

The Magazine: Top 4 Hemp Myths, Debunked

While CBD and cannabinoids are therapeutic* components of hemp, as their popularity grows, so do the misconceptions. Here, a few of the top myths about hemp and CBD, debunked.

1. Misconception: hemp and marijuana are the same

The truth: Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant family, but are completely different in function, growing methods and application. Marijuana generally has a high level of THC (an intoxicating compound that makes you feel "high" and is used for medicinal or recreational purposes). Hemp, on the other hand, contains 0.3% or less of THC (but is high in CBD) and is used in dietary supplements, skin products, building materials, clothing, paper, among many other things.

2. Misconception: CBD will make you feel euphoric or “high”

The truth: CBD isn’t used to get high, but to support mood, balance and wellness.*

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3. Misconception: CBD is sedating and ultra calming

The truth: Technically, CBD is not a sedative. And while some people find CBD relaxing*, the misconception that CBD is a sedative may have come about due to the fact that some products containing CBD also include high concentrations of THC, which may have a sedating effect. In addition, CBD is currently being researched for its ability to lessen disordered thinking.*

4. Misconception: more is better

The truth: When it comes to CBD, less is sometimes more. Reports from clinicians and patients suggest that the therapeutic amount of CBD per serving varies for each individual, and in fact, the synergistic effect of broad-spectrum CBD can be effective at low amounts. As we like to say, start low and go slow. Several factors, including frequency and length of use, as well as your body’s metabolism, weight and health status, can play a part in how much CBD is right for you.

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