Top 8 Terpenes in Hemp

The Magazine: Top 8 Terpenes in Hemp

Terpenes are the main class of aromatic compounds found in hemp and many other plants. They are the molecules that are responsible for the scent, flavor and sometimes even the effect on the human body.* The most fascinating characteristic of terpenes is their ability to interact with other compounds in the plant and activate synergistic benefits called “The Entourage Effect.”*

Unlike other plants that typically contain a single terpene, hemp has hundreds of terpenes that work together to activate other compounds in the plant. Studies suggest that terpenes may adjust the strength of individual cannabinoids, improving the overall therapeutic benefits of hemp. Because our sense of smell is linked to emotion and memory centers in the brain, it is believed that there is a “cause and effect” between the scent of terpenes and improved overall mood.

Here are the top 8 terpenes in hemp:


Scent: musky, herbal, earthy scent with hint of cloves

Benefits: relaxing*, supports sleep, known antioxidant*

Fun Facts: also found in mango, lemongrass, thyme and hops


Scent: woody, spicy with a hint of pepper and cloves

Benefits: activates the cannabinoid receptor, CB2

Fun Facts: also found in black pepper, cloves and cinnamon


Scent: floral with a hint of spice and lavender

Benefits: mood enhancement*, anti-microbial, immune system support*, stress reducer*

Fun Facts: also found in lavender


Scent: pine

Benefits: promotes alertness and memory retention*

Fun Facts: also found in orange peels, conifer trees, pine needles, rosemary, dill, basil and parsley


Scent: woody and earthy with hints of hops

Fun Facts: also found in hops, coriander, cloves and basil


Scent: citrus

Benefits: mood enhancer*, stress reliever*

Fun Facts: responsible for the scent of an orange, also found in fruit rinds, rosemary, juniper and peppermint


Scent: sweet, herbal, woody

Fun Facts: also found in mint, parsley, pepper, basil, mangoes, orchids and kumquats


Scent: piney, floral, herbal

Benefits: antioxidant and relaxing properties*

Fun Facts: also found in nutmeg, tea tree, conifer trees, apples, cumin and lilacs

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