How We Do Better

We believe businesses have a responsibility to do better. This means taking action that serves as a catalyst for social and environmental change — allowing for a better you, a better us and a better world.

B Certified Pending

Prima has proudly achieved pending Certified B Corp status, which means we commit to the highest standards of corporate accountability and transparency.

We’re committed to giving back and creating impact in areas beyond our immediate reach. We honor and live this commitment every day by giving 1% of sales to the human, social and environmental change we want to see in the world.

Prima is also the first hemp wellness brand to be a Public Benefit Corporation, which formally institutionalizes our commitment to creating a meaningful, verifiable impact.

We formulate our products with the highest standards to ensure that they are clean, safe and don’t cause human or environmental harm. But it’s so much more than the products we make; it’s how we operate. We have a responsibility to our team, our surrounding communities and our planet to act with integrity, heart and care.

In the way we work, we do thing every day to hold ourselves accountable, including ensuring that all of our employees have 100% health coverage at no cost to them, providing incentives to rideshare or take public transportation to work, and encouraging flexible schedules that allow the time needed to care for themselves and their families.

We also care deeply about minimizing our operational harm because we know everything we do has an impact.

Prima is a carbon-neutral business, now and forever.

Today, we purchase 100% renewable energy for our Santa Monica HQ. And, we measure and offset 100% of our Scope 1 & 2 operations (see below for details) and Scope 3 GHG emissions (employee travel, e-commerce shipments, downstream and partial upstream supply chain transportation). We’re also committed to being carbon-neutral across our entire supply chain (product, packaging, full supply chain transportation) by 2025 or sooner.


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Fuel combustion
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Company vehicles
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Fugitive emissions
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Purchased electricity, heat and steam
Purchased goods and services
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Business travel
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Employee commuting
Waste disposal
Use of sold products
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Transportation and distribution (up- and downstream)
Leased assets and franchises

How we're going carbon-neutral: To claim carbon neutrality, it takes more than a footprint study and cheap offsets. We believe carbon is undervalued and there are hidden costs not being accounted for. From day one, we’ve measured our greenhouse gas footprint against the "social cost of carbon," which experts believe is at least $40-50 per tonne of emissions (4-5x the market price of carbon). We use this figure to calculate our "internal price on carbon." We invest this amount in projects that combat the climate crisis through reforestation, clean energy development and other authentic solutions, primarily through Carbon Fund, which invests in verified reforestation projects.

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