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There’s a saying that in order for something to be good, it needs to be expensive. And many people think that if a product is fairly priced, it must not be of quality, work effectively, or something’s up. The result of that is that many essential beauty, health, and wellbeing routines and “brands” offerings to essential beauty, health, and wellbeing offerings are now simply cost-prohibitive for many consumers, making it hard for people to access products that should be a part of their everyday routine.

At Prima, we’ve always thought of our role as an “uplifter”, through CBD supplements, premium skincare, and therapeutic topicals that make a lasting and noticeable impact on our customers’ lives. As hemp has become more accepted and embraced in the mainstream, the demand has grown, however the prices have only continued to rise. That doesn’t sit right with us—proven, quality CBD that provides meaningful relief should be attainable by all, not just a select few. Which is why we’ve made the decision to significantly lower the prices on our core range of products.

Starting today, you’ll see that the prices on your favorite Prima products have been reduced, Nothing has changed—it’s still our same uncompromising formulas, clinically validated ingredients, industry-leading standards, and effectively delightful products you’ve come to expect from Prima, now at a price that we think represents a more democratized approach to shopping for CBD and wellness essentials.

It’s a move that we hope inspires positive change within the industry to help other brands re-evaluate their own pricing strategy. Because the more accessible therapeutic products are, the more barriers we remove for people to access the critical health benefits of CBD.

We believe that health should not be a luxury item.

We believe everyone should have easy, affordable access to cannabinoids.

We believe that functional botanicals should be a part of everyone’s daily routine.

We believe it’s our duty to lead the hemp industry through education, representation, equity, and inclusion.

We believe we must empower, uplift, and heal — together we all will rise.

Onward with gratitude,

Laurel Angelica Myers

Laurel Angelica MyersCo-Founder & COO

Christopher Gavigan

Christopher GaviganFounder & CEO

Jessica Assaf

Jessica AssafCo-Founder & Chief Education Officer

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