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We’re meticulous and uncompromising when it comes to quality. We’re obsessive about it, actually.

Yet, as we assessed other products on the market, we discovered many with questionable quality, ingredients of concern, and a lack of scientific efficacy —not to mention all the brands that just didn’t speak to our aspirational values.  

We knew we could do it better. And we became fanatic about setting the new standard in doing it right — not just capitalizing on “CBD fever”.

When designing for purity, potency and performance,  each and every ingredient is intentionally chosen and has a reason to be there (not just as marketing dust). Here are the criteria we consider for an ingredient to be rationalized for use:

  • Allergenicity
  • Toxicity (see our 100% Clean, 0% Questionable aproach.)
  • Clinical testing + research
  • Extraction process
  • Bioavailability
  • Origin (plant source & geography)
  • Sustainability

Comprehensive Testing Protocol

We refuse to take short cuts. Your health, and ours, depends on it. So we test. Test. And test again.Investing in a state-of-the-art, 3rd-party, independent laboratory for Comprehensive Batch Testing (that’s 100% radically transparent) is only one of the important steps. Our ISO-accredited lab adheres to rigorously comprehensive, pharmaceutical-grade (industry) controls and processes to ensure  consistency, quality, purity and potency for every batch of our products. Testing is an essential step (several steps, actually) in our supply chain to ensure our products meet exacting specifications of active and inactive ingredients:

  • Raw Materials Validation: We verify every raw material and component.
  • In-Process Testing: We test every in-process batch for homogeneity and identity to confirm consistency.
  • Finished Product Testing: (aka The Big 3) The most important step, as we test every finished product to ensure purity, potency, and pollutants, and to verify that there has been no microbiological contamination during manufacturing.

Perhaps above everything else, we believe in you holding us accountable — so when it comes to potency, full transparency and radical openness are what you can always expect for us. We have nothing to hide.

And the more you know, the more you feel confident we are providing you safe, trusted, high-quality wellness tools that we stand behind 100%.

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