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We are passionate innovators with relentlessly high standards. For some, these may seem unreasonably high. For us, they’re just a starting point. We’re committed to continually raising the bar — and being painstakingly well-informed as we do it.

Our Approach

Holistic Science

Our approach to product development is hyper-focused on new discoveries, new hope and breakthroughs in plant science for your health, at the cellular level. It’s driven by a fundamental belief in the body’s ability to heal and balance itself. A belief in nature – internally and externally.

Purposeful, Impactful Formulas

Every product is purpose-built and values-driven and must follow our formulation commitments and rigorous brand protocols to ensure we create the highest quality, most impactful product. We believe in safe, pure, potent, efficacious and bioavailable products — no matter what. In addition, we see it as our responsibility to create and lead with a strong set of standards for this new industry, in order to push for the highest level of integrity. We truly want to maximize the potential positive impact of this industry, not just the profits.

Heart and Honesty

At the heart of it, we promise to be honest with you. It's simple and may even sound mundane. But in an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills and asterisks, we're here to deliver it to you straight.

The Prima Way

The Prima Way is the bedrock of our vision — our deepest responsibility to serve you with only products that are clean, safe and healthful. These industry-defining formulation principles demonstrate our meticulous and exacting protocols and business behaviors. We share this openly. Proudly. Because we believe in empowering you by offering radical transparency into our philosophy, protocols, products and process.


Unlock the Power of Nature

We are passionate about relieving suffering at all levels and know that nature — both externally and internally — holds the key. We have found and continue to hunt for ingredients with efficacious agility to help modulate your immune, nervous and entire biological system functioning.*


Leverage Traditional Ingredients with Modern Insight

Our products are backed by science, and by this we mean inspired and driven by both ancient holistic traditions and modern innovations from around the world. We deliver the wisdom of nature’s whole, pure ingredients — building credibility, awareness and access to these botanicals, herbals, plant compounds and adaptogens.


Raise the Bar and Set the Course

We only create products that raise the standard and challenge the status quo. We seek to be leaders in this transformative industry, representing a new chapter in wellness, product development, sustainability and much more.


Activate a Diverse Set of Experts

Wellness is an interdisciplinary science, so we strive to approach everything we do and make with deliberate consideration of this fact. And to ensure we’re bringing the best science to the table, we rely on the top experts in every field we evaluate.


Push the Science

We work tirelessly to increase our understanding of body science and advance the innovations and technologies that make our products as efficacious as possible. We’re never complacent and always humble on our hunt for more and better knowledge and methodologies.


Seek out The Highest Quality Hemp

We travel the country, forging relationships with farmers and suppliers as committed to quality and sustainability as we are. We take ingredient sourcing seriously because this influences potency and purity. And we assess the practices and policies of our partners, since harvesting methods impact the environment and local populations.


100% Clean.
0% Questionable.

We want you to achieve better balance and thrive. So ingredients that are clean, plant-based and responsibly sourced are the only way to operate. And we’re committed to no fillers, no petroleum derivatives, no fluff — just meaningful levels of functional ingredients and minimalist formulas. No shortcuts. Just proven science.

The Goods

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