We belong to the earth.
We are hitched… intimately connected to everything. And we feel the deepest responsibility to leave it in a better, healthier place.

We know that everything we do — and every product we make — has an impact. It is our duty to reimagine design and embrace circularity, ensuring that we positively contribute to a thriving planet for future generations to come.

To this end, we prioritize: Human Health & Safety, Environmental Responsibility & Impact, Social Ethics & Human Rights, and Animal Welfare.

Carbon Neutrality

Climate Neutral Certified

We are 100% carbon neutral across our entire operations and supply chain, and are proud to be certified as such by Climate Neutral Certified. The certification validates that we measure, reduce and offset our entire carbon footprint (and then some) as a company. In the last year, we offset more carbon than we used by investing in verified reforestation projects with, which is evidence of our commitment that it's not enough to do no harm, we must also do good.

Packaging Sustainability

We are dedicated to continual innovation in sustainable packaging, working hard to minimize our use of non-renewable resources (i.e. plastic) and maximize our use of renewables (i.e. glass), and only using plastic when absolutely necessary for the product. And as with our overall approach to sustainability, including ingredients and carbon neutrality, we provide full transparency to the materials we use in our packaging, so you know what they are and how they can be recycled (or not) when you’re done.


Minimize the use of single-use plastic in our products and packaging wherever possible.


85% of packaging is recyclable, and we limit use of labels and finishing treatments to enhance recyclability


30% of all paper box material is recycled, 50% of tubes are recycled plastic, and 25% of our glass is recycled


75% of packaging is glass — a renewable and recyclable material

Sustainably Harvested & Certified

100% of paper packaging is either FSC or SFI certified for sustainable fibers


We never use PVC or ABS, and we will never use plastic shrink wrap

We acknowledge that not everything we make is recyclable, and we’re working hard to improve that wherever we can without compromising the quality and safety of our products. Our commitment to you is that we’ll continue to evolve and improve as we grow, together.

The Goods

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