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Understanding Emotional Distress: Naming It and Claiming It

Understanding Hemp and Why it Matters

How to Take CBD

Hemp for Health: Cannabinoids for Sleep

The History of Hemp

The fascinating — and oftentimes rocky — history of hemp.

Hemp Hero: Garrett Graff

Hemp Hero: Blaire Edwards

What's What? Hemp, Cannabis and Marijuana

A breakdown of the basics: the difference between hemp, cannabis and marijuana.

Dr. Timothy Birdsall

The naturopathic physician and clinical researcher.

Hemp for Health: Cannabinoids and Our Skin

Top 12 Hemp Questions, Answered

Dr. Will Cole

The functional medicine practitioner who consults worldwide in autoimmune, brain, gut, hormone and thyroid health.

Top 8 Terpenes in Hemp

Top 5 Plants with Cannabinoids

The Basics of Bioavailability

What is CBD?

Hemp for Health: Cannabinoids for Mood and Balance

Hemp for Health: The ECS and Stress

Top 4 Hemp Myths, Debunked

Dr. Jeff Chen

The physician and scientist leading cannabinoid research as the Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative.

6 Easy Steps to Buying CBD Safely

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

The “Godfather of Cannabis,” an award-winning Israeli researcher who has been studying the plant for over 50 years.

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